Kingdom Fellowship Assemblies International


We welcome you to the official website of the Kingdom Assemblies Fellowship International. The Kingdom Assemblies Fellowship is a community of Christian leaders, senior clergy, and Christian organizations that centers on advancing the cause of Christ throughout the world through apostolic teamwork. Through our fellowship, members are provided with vital ministry resources, covering, and tools to enhance their spiritual life and the life of their church.

Our fellowship’s commitments are comprised of four pillars that promote the holistic ministry in our world. Those commitments consist of international missions and engagement, family, apostolic covering, and commitment to spiritual formation. We are empowered to advance our communities, our world, and the Kingdom of God.

As we continue to build the organization, we will embark upon many programs and projects to enhance the Kingdom of God in our community and world. During this time, we are launching our website, writing our bylaws, developing leadership models and strategic plans.

 We look forward to connecting with you in Fellowship!

Bishop Eugene Taylor

Presiding Bishop, Kingdom Fellowship Assemblies International



DRIVE 2023

We currently updating our contact listing for our fellowship as we prepare for the new year. if you are a pastor, leader or member of Kingdom Fellowship Assemblies International please fill out the information link below.